JHSM Tours

Historic Jewish Detroit…No one knows Jewish Michigan like we do!

JHSM offers a variety of tours, all blending the history of the region with the exciting developments of Jewish Detroit and Michigan today. Customized for each group, the tours give life to Michigan’s rich Jewish history, while showcasing the accomplishments of Michigan’s Jewish citizens.  Led by our skilled volunteer docents, tour stops include former Jewish neighborhoods and synagogues, historic markers and significant sites.  The JHSM has been honored with a State History Award from the Historical Society of Michigan for our acclaimed youth tours “Settlers to Citizens: The Jews of Detroit and Michigan, 1761-Today.” 

Settlers to Citizens Youth Tours

The award-winning Settlers to Citizens Youth Tours give life to Michigan’s rich Jewish history while showcasing the accomplishments of Michigan’s Jewish citizens. Students (and often parents or grandparents) are taken back in time visiting  former synagogues and sites of historic interest, both old and new.  Led by skilled docents, participants visit landmarks of Jewish interest and gain great pride in their Jewish culture and heritage.  Tours are customized for each group so that participants gain a deeper connection to their Jewish roots.

Religious schools and educators are welcome to contact us about conducting a Settlers to Citizens Youth Tour.  Thanks to the generosity of many donors these tours are provided to Religious Schools at no cost. The 2012 youth tours are made possible in part by a generous grant from the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation.

Adult Tours

Organizations from sisterhoods, to reunion and leadership committees, to educational and community service institutions LOVE our adult tours which travel across the metropolitan Detroit region showcasing old and new Jewish neighborhood and landmarks.  Our docents work with  group leaders to create a customized event that meets the organization’s goals and promises an outing that teaches, inspires and promotes Michigan’s great Jewish legacy.

Private Tours

Want to know where your grandparents grew up?  Interested to see the synagogues that once were?  How about popping by the old school or shopping district?  We have a service that allows you to book your own private Settlers To Citizens tour. These are truly  meaningful family events that enable younger family members and friends to hear the stories of yesteryear from those who were there.  Whether it is a group of 12 or 50, families gathering for bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, reunions, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries always enjoy the experience of seeing Detroit – its old and new history – through multigenerational eyes.  

For more information on our private, public and youth tours, please contact us.