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Michigan Jewish History is a valuable resource enjoyed by readers and used by researchers worldwide. As the longest continuously published journal of local Jewish history in the U.S., Michigan Jewish History succeeds in creating a permanent record of the achievements and stories of Michigan’s Jewish communities, organizations, families and individuals.  Published annually, the Journal covers a diverse range of topics ranging from Michigan’s earliest Jewish pioneers and communities to the contributions of Michigan Jewish leaders both past and present. Michigan Jewish History is distributed exclusively to members of the JHSM and to libraries and universities.  

Michigan Jewish History
Digitized Index

 Michigan Jewish History Digitized Index

The JHSM index digitalization project is dedicated to Judith Levin Cantor in honor of her commitment and dedication to the creation of this online resource, with our gratitude: JHSM Current and Past Presidents (Joan Braun, Judith Cantor, Arnold Collens, Gerald Cook, Michael Maddin, Stanley Meretsky and Adele Staller).

Celebrating the
Digitized Index

Celebrating the Digital Index

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Michigan Jewish History


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Michigan Jewish History Digitized Index User Guide

The Michigan Jewish History Digitized Index uses a technology known as ArcaSearch. ArcaSearch allows us to create a searchable database containing every issue of our beloved journal. If you’re a first time user, this guide will help you understand how to navigate the journals.