Leonard N. Simons History Award

The Leonard N. Simons History Award

Recognizing those individuals who are helping to preserve and protect Michigan’s Jewish history

 The Leonard N. Simons History Award honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Jewish Historical Society’s mission and to the larger Michigan community.  Named after Leonard Simons, the advertising entreprenuer who founded the advertising agency Simons Michelson Zieve in 1929, the prestigious award recognizes the time, talent and effort these recipients have devoted to preserving and sharing the history of our state and our people.  Leonard Simons, who had a spirited, deep passion for the preservation of Jewish and communal history, spread his creative wings far beyond his advertising community.  He was an active leader with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, the Wayne State University Press, the Detroit Historical Society and helped establish the Jewish Community Archives and the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan.  This award honors Mr. Simons’ desire to ensure that the Jewish community of Detroit would retain a sense of pride in knowing who they are and where they came from.  

Leonard N. Simons History Award Winners

1991 – Philip Slomovitz
1992 – Avern L. Cohn
1993 – George M. Stutz
1994 – Irwin Shaw
1995 – Emma Lazaroff Schaver
1996 – Leslie S. Hough, Philip P. Mason
1997 – Mary Lou Simons Zieve
1998 – Judith Levin Cantor
1999 – Michael W. Maddin
2000 – Alan D. Kandel
2001 – Sidney M. Bolkosky
2002 – Adele W. Staller
2003 – Matilda Brandwine
2004 – Susie Citrin
2005 – Edith L. Resnick
2006 – Gerald S. Cook
2007 – Sharon L. Alterman
2008 – George M. Zeltzer
2009 – Mandell L. Berman
2010 – James D. Grey
2011- Charlotte M. Dubin
2012 – Michael O. Smith
2013 – Irwin J. Cohen
2014 – A. Alfred Taubman