Throwing Sheyd: Live Podcast*

Presented by SAJE, co-sponsored by JHSM


They're real.  They're all around us.  And, if you're not scared, they can help you live your best life.


Throwing Sheyd: Better Living Through Jewish Demonology

This is the only podcast to explore the edges of Jewish text and tradition where the likes of Lilith, Ashmodai, and Joe the Demon thwart rabbits, haunt ruins, and hover menacingly over your carelessly open books.

With heart, chutzpah, and the occasional 90's pop culture reference, hosts Miriam Brosseau and Alan Jay Sufrin (also known as the "biblegum pop" duo Stereo Sinai) help you navigate the dark underbelly of Talmudic lore, and, just maybe, come out better equipped to take on the darkness.


*Podcast: A music or talk program made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.  Think radio for the 21st century.  Live podcasts give you the opportunity to be a member in the audience, as the podcast is recorded live for later broadcast.  Podcasts are conversations.  Podcasts are stories.


Tickets: $8





Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 7:00-9:00pm

Tickets: $8





JCC of Metro Detroit

6600 W. Maple Rd.

West Bloomfield, MI 48322

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