MI Jewish History Digitized Index User Guide

How to use the Michigan Jewish History Digitized Index

The Michigan Jewish History Digitized Index uses a technology known as ArcaSearch. ArcaSearch allows us to create a searchable database containing every issue of our beloved journal. 

  1. Upon clicking the link below you will be greeted by the access page for the index. You will choose the first button to enter and a new page will open.


  2. Once you’re within the index you will see some search and filter areas at the top of the window. These will allow you to browse the entire catalog based upon your criteria.


  3. After having performed a search, the results will display on the right hand side of the search screen while the pages and journal information will display on the left.


  4. Clicking on the journal page displayed on the left will allow you to view it full screen


  5. When you want to return to your search results list, you will click on the “Show Previews” button on the search bar


  6. Ready to begin your search? Click here to access the Michigan Jewish History Digitized Index