The Jewish Historical Society of Michigan is proud to introduce you to some of the many Jewish Women Who Have Made a Difference.

The Michigan Women Who Made a Difference project seeks to document, preserve and share the stories and achievements of Michigan Jewish women whose contributions have helped to build and shape our communities and whose accomplishments and struggles have been overlooked or left out of history books. By elevating their stories the project allows these voices from the past to inspire others to be agents of change.


The Book

In 2015, the book Michigan Women Who Made a Difference: Builders of the Detroit Jewish Community was published by the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan.  Whether her name is familiar or not, the legacies of the 125 pioneering heroines mentioned in the book remind us of obstacles confronted, opportunities seized and paths opened for the future.  Their inspiring stories and the lessons gained from their contributions continue to reverberate today!  Publication of this book was made possible, in part, by grant from the Jewish Women’s Foundation. 

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The Michigan Women Who Made a Difference Fund

The Jewish Historical Society of Michigan’s Michigan Women Who Made a Difference project seeks to revive, discover and share the names of our community foremothers. Our work continues. We are continuing to collect the names and contributions of Michigan’s Jewish Women Who Made a Difference, we are establishing a Speaker’s Bureau of women who can share the stories of these women and building a fund to secure the future of this project. Your gift to the MWWMD Fund will help us further our research and documentation. 

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Identify a Michigan Jewish Woman Who Made a Difference

Help up preserve these stories. Fill out the Biography Form by clicking here. Our office will contact you for additional information.  If you have photos or documents that you wish to share, please indicate so on the form.  At this time, due to funding and space restrictions, we are only able to collect the names and contributions of women who are no longer alive. Photo courtesy of KingRose Archives