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* = Members of JHS Heritage Council as of January 2010
*Allan, Norman
Allen, Mrs. J. W.
*Alpern, Dr. E. Bryce and Harriet
Alpern, Irwin S. and Barbara
*Alterman, Sharon and Michael
Apel, Fred B. and Beverly
*Applebaum, Eugene and Marcia
*Aronsson, Herbert A.
Ash, Jerome and Carolyn
*August, Helen S.
*Babcock, Sylvia
*Baker, Morris and Beverly Baker
*Bardenstein, Dr. Max and Renah
Beale, Jerome M. and Gail F.
Behrmann, Sherwin
Beim, Harvey M. and Marilyn
*Benyas, Robert A. and Shirley
*Beresh, Ruth Sugar
Berg, Harriet J. and Irving
Berman, Jule
*Berman, Mandell L. and Madeleine H.
Bernstein, Prudence
*Berry, Harold and Barbara
Berry, Vivian
*Bice, Gary M. and Wendy Rose
*Bloom, Douglas and Barbara
Blum, Dr. George L. and Joyce Z.
*Louis C. Blumberg Foundation
Blumenstein, Harold and Penny B.
*Blumenstein, Richard
Borin, Jeffrey N. and Barbara
Borin, Ralph and Phyllis
Borman, Gilbert and Kate
*Borman, Paul and Marlene
*Bramson, James and Amy Potozkin
*Brandwine, Matilda J.
*Brody, Robert D. and Rhea
*Brown, Denise L. and Moe
Budman, Lois
*Cantor, Bernard and Judith Levin
*Charach, Manny and Natalie
*Citrin, Robert M. and Susan R.
*Clayman, Dr. Charles and Joann
*Cohn, Hon. Avern and Lois P.
Conrad, Ann J. and David L.
Cohn-Haddow Center for Judaic Studies, Wayne State University
*Cole, Michael and Ellen Sue
*Collens, Arnold and Dorothy
*Colten, Joseph
Conrad, Ann J. and David L.
*Cook, Gerald and Barbara S.; Ben N. Teitel Charitable Trust
Cook, Jeanette
Daitch, Marvin and Lauren
Daitch, Peggy
*Danto, Marvin and Betty
*Davidson, William and Karen
*Aaron DeRoy Testamentary Foundation
*Detroit Central High School, Class of January 1952
*Dorfman, Hiram and Lucille
Dorfman, Joel and Carol
*Driker, Eugene and Elaine C.
Dworman, Cheryl B.
Engel, Aaron and Helene
*Ergas, Aimee, and Tor Shwayder
Feldman, Oscar H. and Dede
*Feldman, Robert M.
*Field, Irwin and Helgard
Field, Stephen and Ellyce
Field, Walter and Lea
*Fine, Prof. Sidney and Jean
Fink, Jack
*Fisher, Max M. and Marjorie
Floch, Mrs. Naomi
Frank, Dennis and Peggy
*Frankel, Samuel and Jean
*Frankel, Stanley and Judy
*Freeman, Harvey and Lois
Freilich, Diane M.
Friedman, Judge Bernard and Rozanne
Friedman, Stanley and Miriam
Gelfond, Allan and Harriet
Gerson, Dottie and Byron
Glieberman, Bernard and Sandra
*Goldman, Dr. Bernard and Norma W.
Goldman, Irving E. and Dora Lee
Goodman, Dr. Paul A. and Barbara
*Goodwill Printing Company
Gordon, Brian S. and Julie
Grand, Stephen and Nancy
*Grey, James D. and Ruth L.
Groner, Rabbi Irwin and Leypsa
Grosberg, Claire L.
*Grosfeld, James and Nancy
*Grossman, Neal L. and Estelle Wallace
*Guardian Industries Corp
Gurwin, June
*Haddow, John M. and Rita
Harris, Connie
Hauser, Diane D.
Hauser, Mark R. and Jeanette
Hermelin, Doreen N.
*Hermelin Family Foundation
Hirschhorn, William and Dr. Susan Sherman
Horwitz, Arthur; Detroit Jewish News
Hurwitz, Jacob C. and Gloria
Iden, Jack and Shirlee
*Jackier, Lawrence and Eleanor
*Jacob, Joel E.; M. Jacob and Sons
*Jampel, Dr. Robert and Joan
*Jewett, Rodney
*Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit,
Max M. Fisher Jewish Community Foundation
Kahan, Michael and Shira
*Kandel, Alan and Carol
*Katz, Fern S.
Katz, Norman and Ann
*Kaufman, Dorothy and Harold
Kaufman, Mrs. Ira G.
*Kaufman Memorial Trust
*Kaye, Rose
Keidan, Harry W.
Keidan, Sara Jane
Kirsch, Ari and Margie
Klein, Thomas M.
Kogan, Dr. Natalio and Rayna
*Korelitz, Seth A.
Krakoff, Rabbi Joseph; Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Krohngold, Betty A.
Krystal, Dr. Henry and Esther Rose
Lachman, Sol P.
Laker, Irving and Beverly
Lamstein, Sarah Marwil
*Landau, Graham and Alene
Lee, Henry P. and Linda
Leland, Myrle and Richard
Levin, Yale and Anna
*Levy, Dr Stanley H. and Rita S.
*Lis, Hannan and Lisa
Loeffler, Sandra
Lopatin, Florence
Lublin, Daniel and Helene
*Benard Maas Foundation
Maddin, Michael and Donna
Manson, Marc D. and Marcia
Martin, Dr. Peter A.
Mason, Dr Philip P.
Matthews, Dr. Robert E. and Sandy
Mattler, Robert and Jennifer
Mayer, Charles I.
Mayer, John L. and Barbara
*Meer, Edward and Gloria
Meltzer, Seth and Melissa
*Meretsky, Stanley N.
*Mersky, Morris and Shirley
Miller, Marshall and Lucille
Minkin, Philip S. and Edna
*Modell, Stephen M.
Mopper, Shirley A.
*Jewell P. Morris Family Philanthropic Fund
Natchez, Marilyn R.
*Newman, Rudolph and Ann Y.
*Norris, Prof. Harold
Noveck, Evelyn
Oppenheim, Eric C. and Arlene
*Orley, Graham and Sally
Padnos, Esther R. and Seymour K.
Panush, Bernard and Anne
Pappas, Norman A. and Susan
Perlman, Michael B. and Diane B.
Perlmutter, Bill and Ellin
*Phillips, Dr. Eric and Patrice M.
Pilling, Patricia L.
Pitt, Irving E. and Sarah
Pollack, David
Portnoy, Maida
Meyer and Anna Prentis Family Foundation
  • Barbara P. Frenkel
  • Marvin A. Frenkel
  • Dale P. Frenkel
  • Ronald P. Frenkel
  • Tom P. Frenkel
  • Denise L. Brown
  • Cindy P. Frenkel
  • Nelson P. Lande
  • Ricki Farber Zitner
  • Mark B. Frenkel
*Prentis-Morris Family Foundation
*Prentis-Morris Family Foundation
The Rabbi Leo M. Franklin Archives
*Raimi, Abraham and Rosalie
Resnick, Edith L. and Donn
Resnick, Nancy E.
*Robinson, Jack A. and Aviva
Rodecker, Arthur; Aaron DeRoy Foundation
Rose, Leslie and Marjorie
*Rosenfeld, Dulcie and Norman
Rosman, Stephen and Rusty
*Roth, Fritzi
Rowin, Helen Alexander
Ruben, Bruce and Mindy
Satovsky, Abraham
Satovsky, Neil A. and Joan M.
Satovsky, Phyllis and Stanley
Satovsky, Sheldon B.
*Saulson, Saul and Marjorie
*Schaver, Dr. Isaac
Morris & Emma Schaver Foundation: Dr. Isaac Schaver
*Schein, Bette and Herbert O.
Schostak, Lee L. and Lillian
Schubiner, Sheldon and Barbara
Schumer, William and Irene
Schwartz, Alan E. and Marianne
*Schwartz, Dr. Oscar D.
*Seligman, Sandra
Sell, Steve and Roz
*Serling, Michael and Elaine
Shapero, Hon. Walter
Shapero, Jean S.
Sherman, Dr. Alfred I. and Sandra M.
Shifman, Suzanne and Burton
*Shifrin, Dr. Peter and Esther R.
Shifrin, Louis and Ruth
*Siden, Harriet F.
Sills, Arthur M.
Silver, Debra and Joseph M.
Silverfarb, Grant and Betty
Simon, Erwin S. and Marjorie Hecht
*Simon, Mariette and Sidney
*Simons, Leonard N.
Slatkin, Donna and Robert
Solway, Etta
Slomovitz, Carmi and Sharron
*Sonkin, Dr. Sheldon and Sydelle
Spielberg, Julius Z.
Robert S. Steinberg Estate
Stocker, Dr. Lawrence L.
*Strome, Stephen and Phyllis R.
*Stutz, George and Mary
Sugar, Wilma S.
*Taubman, A. Alfred
Thams, Gretchen
Tukel, Floyd S. and Gail
Turner, Vera
*Victor, Steven and Arlene
Wagner, Beverly P.
Weiner, Dr. Gershon and Jeannie
*Weingarden, Marshall and Karen J.
Weiss, Dr. Joseph and R. Louise
*Weiss, Elizabeth
*Winer, Sidney and Melba
*Winkelman, Isadore and Beryl Z.
Yorke, Hanley L. and Susan
*Zeid, Michael and Michelle
Zeltzer, George M. and Pearl A.
*Zieve, Morton and Mary Lou
Zimmerman, Raymond
Zuckerman, Helen
*Zussman, Milton and Lois

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